4 Social Media Myths Debunked

social media myths

Myth #1: Social media marketing works just as well as brand marketing

Social marketing is an excellent way to cultivate leads and keep in contact with consumers. It is an effective customer service arm for your organisation. It’s a great way to challenge negative PR and offer details that conventional media cannot.

Nonetheless, large organisations need to understand that social marketing alone will not build the level of awareness that is needed to generate enough sales across the board, particularly at a national or global level. Social media is just one tactic in a much broader communication effort; it is a medium, not the overall message

Myth #2:  Social media will soon replace traditional media as the most viable source of marketing.

A company’s comprehensive marketing plan should include a mix of social media marketing, email marketing and print materials. These should remain an essential item in the overall marketing strategy of your company. This gives you multiple ways to engage your customers and helps to project a professional image, build credibility for your brand and to help your company stand out from the crowd.

Myth #3: Social media is a cost-effective and easy way to connect and engage with stakeholders and consumers

Engaging your audience via social media is certainly cost-effective in the sense that most of the sites available for participation are free to join. However, they still cost you in terms of the time needed to establish and maintain a profile or account. If you want to hire a dedicated person to handle your company’s social media then that can be costly. Social media managers can be quite expensive. If you’re going to use someone already on your team, you’ll also need to factor in the additional expense associated with the time the person spends on other tasks, the newly added responsibility of maintaining your company’s social media presence, as well as the training they may need to undergo.

Myth # 4:  It is easy to create a good social media presence

Social media sites are user-friendly. However, to use them as a precise marketing tool in an organised way is more complicated than one would realise.  A tailored social media strategy that suits your business, brand, or organisation, needs to be devised and you will have to stick to it, measure success, and adjust accordingly.

Ensuring that you have an effective social media presence requires you to have a multidisciplinary approach. Well-developed social media skills are essential as well as being proficient in various disciplines such as crisis management, brand building management and customer relationship.

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