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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQHere is some answers to our customers most typically encountered problems when trying to navigate the sometimes tricky waters of printing and pre-press.

What type of stocks can we print on?

BHB can print on a wide variety of paper stocks from 60gsm Carbonless papers to 400gsm boards. Pretty much any paper surface can be printed on. We also print on synthetic papers for such applications as shelf wobblers or outdoor tags that need to last outside in the elements. We also offer a variety of different substrates such as aerated pvc, canvas, vinyl and sticker stock.

What is NCR Paper?

NCR paper, or Carbonless paper as it’s commonly referred to, is used for multipage pads and books where a copy or multiple copies are required to be transferred from the original through to all copies of the book. Typically in use for products such as delivery docket books, order pads, visitor sign in books and the like.

What programs should I use in setting up my artwork for you to print from?

BHB can use anything created in Adobe Indesign, PDF, Illustrator or Freehand as these are all fully professional graphic design applications designed for high end use.

What is a proof?

A proof is a digital hard copy rendition of your file that we provide to you prior to any printing commencing. It is to be checked for both colour and content as once it is signed and approved we output plates and commence the printing.

Why does the proof look different than on my computer screen?

When looking at say a PDF proof of your job on screen you are looking at an RGB colour space through transmitted light. Even a colour calibrated monitor will look different to a CMYK breakdown such as a digital hard copy proof.

What is the difference between CMYK & Spot colours (PMS Colours)?

To produce colour in offset printing there are two options. Inks can be mixed to a certain colour and applied to the stock or, different amounts of the 4 process colours can be applied in different quantities to create a large number of colours

What types of binding can be used on my job?

BHB offers a wide variety of finishing methods to your job. The most commonly used ones are folding, saddle stitching, perfect/burst binding, wiro binding and common or quarter bound. Saddle stitching is used to staple booklets of 8 pages up to 100 pages that you would see with prospectuses, brochures and magazines. Perfect or burst binding is used with a spine on the edge and glue is applied to enhance the strength of the book. Wiro binding is often used for training manuals where the book needs to lay flat. Common or quarter bound is often used on carbonless or plain pads and books where the client requires a hard cover to keep a carbonless book together and increase its durability.

Do you have existing knife lines and die cutting formes that I can use for my design?

Yes we do. Put our almost 70 years’ experience to use and ask our team at BHB. We have a number of existing knife formes that we can send to you to assist with your design. Presentation folders, file covers, gift card carriers, door hangers, top cut stickers, and many similar products can be accommodated.

How do I supply an artwork file that requires die cutting and or varnishes?

Jobs with dielines or forme cutting in them should have the cutting shape supplied on a separate layer of your page layout document and be clearly labelled as the dieline or forme cut area. Varnishes should also be supplied on a separate layer and be clearly marked with the type of varnish required such as gloss varnished, matt varnished or Spot UV varnish.

At what resolution should I save my photos and graphics?

Resolution should be set to 300 dpi. Pictures and graphics pulled from the internet are often low resolution, typically 72 dpi or 96 dpi. Avoid these graphics, as they will appear pixilated and blocky when printed.
Also note that you should save all photos in CMYK mode, not RGB mode when possible. Images saved in RGB mode may not print properly. If you are unable to save your image in CYMK mode, please let us know.

Is white considered a printing colour?

Not typically. Because white is the default colour of paper, it is simply recognized as the absence of any ink. When using coloured paper however, white ink may be used if any text or graphic requires it.

The Importance of Print Media

importance of Print Media


There has been a lot of contention since the advent of social media and the technological boom which has heralded the online presence age, as to whether a company should market via an online campaign strategy or to utilise print marketing as its core exposure.

Both are as important as the other and there should be a combination of both in any successful promotional strategy.  Being a printing company, we at BHB Printing know just how powerful print is as a communications medium. Direct mail and print campaigns can do powerful things for a company’s brand.  Integrating your social media and print campaigns means that you can interact with your audiences in a whole new way.

Print media can augment reality with its ability to interact with digital media in such a way that connects users using a tactile response. A QR code, for example, allows users to hold a printed marketing document in their hands while also exploring the marketing collateral more in-depth using digital technology. By printing a scannable code on the marketing material, you can offer prospects and customers a dynamic (and trackable) content upgrade to the printed material. QR codes allow you to provide a direct link to your company’s product, but you have to generate interest for them to be effective.

Print today is more versatile than ever before. Print pieces can also be more personalised these days with variable data printing. This allows a marketer to customise and personalise brand messaging by criteria deemed relevant to the marketing message (For example brand purchase history, gender etc.).

AT BHB Printing we offer various print products to help build your brand such as:

  • Printed Business Stationery: such as business cards, letterheads, with compliment slip and printed envelopes.
  • Printed Forms: such as plain and carbonless forms. Laser safe forms and billing statements, continuous forms and pads.
  • Marketing and Promotional Print: such as posters, brochures, leaflets, newsletters and postcards. Posters are produced in sizes A4 up to A1 and A0 size.
  • Wide format and Point of Sale: products such as displays, signs and banners. Counter cards and strutted and mounted printed displays.
  • Die Cut Products: products such as presentation folders, boxes, file covers, gift and loyalty card carriers, self-mailers and impact mailers.
  • Booklets: such as saddle stitched and perfect/burst bound documents of multiple pages such as information and product manuals, marketing materials and PDS Documents.
  • Labels: supplied on either rolls or flat sheets.
  • Digital Print: on demand for short run and personalised printing.
  • Specialist Numbering: for sets, pads and forms. Digital numbering such as sequential bar code numbering.
  • Specialty Finishes: such as matt and gloss celloglazing, foiling, UV varnishes and coatings.

BHB Printing Pty Ltd also offers a complete range of print services to complement our range of products:

  •  Creative Design and Typesetting: including layout, proof reading and editing of documents.
  • Kitting and Fulfilment Services: BHB has the capability to efficiently process the collating, insertion, packing and national distribution of our client’s print campaigns right across Australia and also overseas.
  • Warehousing and Distribution Services: services include pick and pack of warehoused items, storage and distribution, supported by detailed inventory management reporting.
  • Mailing and Direct Mail Pieces: we provide a range of data driven services for mailings, personalisation and lodgement with Australia Post.
  • BHB Connect: BHB Connect is our own fully customised online catalogue and ordering solution. Our system allows 24 hour 7 days a week access to all print and warehouse items via your own secure password protected web store front.


Feel free to call us on 02 4722 9111 to discuss your printing needs.

Fitted for Work

Earlier this year BHB Printing were invited by one of our long term customers, Moray & Agnew to donate a couple of prizes for a wonderful organisation they support – Fitted for Work.

Fitted for work

Fitted for Work’s vision is financial independence for women and their mission is to help women experiencing disadvantage to get work and keep it. Every day their trained staff and volunteers help women gain the self-esteem and confidence to secure their goal of sustainable employment. Their free services include mentoring, interview preparation, personal outfitting, work experience and a range of transition to work and staying employed programs.

Moray & Agnew organise a clothing drive (involving donations of work-appropriate clothing, shoes and accessories) for staff and clients in the lead up to, and during, their events. In addition, they seek to make a financial contribution to FFW from money raised from a silent auction conducted at their event.

BHB Printing were very happy to be able to help and hope all of the people involved with Fitted for Work are successful with their short and long term goals.

To find out more visit

Keep up the good work!


International Print Day 2015

The 14th of October 2015 marks the second International Print day.

International Print Day 2015

International Print Day 2015 (IPD15), is a global 24-hour event being held Wednesday, October 14, 2015, in which social media will be used to highlight the creativity, importance and power of print and paper.

The theme for this year’s International Print Day is “#PrintNOW.” Along with #IPD15, that hashtag has been designated for all print professionals to use when they share examples of print on social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and others. Commercial printers, print buyers, paper mills, graphic designers, book publishers, marketers and manufacturers are urged to participate in this global sharing event.

BHB Printing naturally supports this initiative. To find out more you can search online for #IPD15 and #PrintNOW or go to

Customer of the Month – September 2015


Governance Institute of Australia is the only independent professional association with a sole focus on whole-of-organisation governance. Our education, support and networking opportunities for directors, company secretaries, governance professionals and risk managers are second to none.

Good governance knowledge supports the ability to perform well in your role and Governance Institute provide a range of postgraduate, short courses and Certificates for the individual. Courses can also be tailored specially for your organisation or board’s own unique needs.

Our members look to us for authoritative and current information and we in turn rely on our printers to provide a variety of top quality printed materials, including certificates, brochures and booklets, in a timely fashion. The excellent relationship we have with Liz Seidl of BHB has been invaluable in helping us achieve this.

For further information contact them:


Phone: 1800 251 849

Hearing Awareness Week 2015

Hearing logo

Hearing Awareness Week 23rd of August 2015 – 29th of August 2015

This week is the annual hearing awareness week event, to raise awareness about hearing impairment, offering advice on ways to protect your hearing, and the services that are available.

Hearing Awareness Week is an opportunity to focus on the needs of the one in six people who are Deaf or hearing impaired or have a chronic ear disorder. It is also an opportunity to explain to all Australians the risks associated with long-term exposure to excessive noise, often in the workplace.

One in six Australians are affected by hearing loss – that’s an estimated 3.5 million people.

The prevalence of hearing loss rises from 1% for people aged younger than 15 years to three in every four people aged over 70 years.

The number of Australians who are hearing impaired or deaf is increasing because of long-term exposure to excessive noise in the workplace, the environment and a result of an ageing population. Hearing loss is projected to increase to 1 in every 4 Australians by 2050.

Hearing Awareness Week (August 23 – 29) aims to highlight the issues faced by people with hearing loss as the organisers, the Deafness Forum of Australia, continue to campaign for greater recognition for the issue.

Hearing Awareness Week will see a range of promotional activities happen across the country, including ‘silent’ sports events, public exhibitions on hearing technologies, and hearing safety training by employers to alert people to the issues.


What is Digital Asset Management?

DAM words

Digital asset management (DAM) offers an effective solution for businesses to store, organize, find, retrieve and share digital files. Quick to deploy and easy-to-use, a centralized digital library provides employees, clients, contractors and any other key personnel controlled access to digital assets — including images, photos, creative files, video, audio, presentations, documents and more.

The term digital asset management actually covers a large range of software solutions, from a corporations digital file library or a photographer’s photo database to solutions that resemble enterprise content management. The best digital asset management software has core capabilities surrounding cloud storage, how assets are retrieved, how assets are shared and features for brand management. DAM enables creative workflow automation, archival and backups, usage tracking, e-commerce and more. To find out more just Google ‘Digital Asset Management’

What are the Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software?

Cloud digital asset management (Cloud DAM) software provides anytime, anywhere access to all of your digital media. Have secured 24/7 access to all of your business critical files from any web device whether you’re at your desk, working from home or at a coffee shop on the other side of the world. Businesses are more mobile today than ever before. Online DAM provides exactly what you need to easily manage, access, share and track all of your digital assets.

 cloud DAM

Some huge benefits of cloud DAM include easy implementation, quick adoption, great integrations, an intuitive user experience and security. Fast implementation frees up your IT resources and allows you to get up and running right away. Enjoy a user-friendly interface anyone in your organization can understand. Cloud DAM is easy to use – just use a web browser for cloud DAM software.

Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing

From your local bakery shop through to the largest banks and multinationals there is huge benefits to be had in getting your brand noticed in your local area.

So what is local area marketing?

Local area marketing generally refers to any marketing techniques a business uses to promote itself in the geographic areas that it operates. In many cases the marketing responsibility will lie with head office or the franchise group. Some examples of this type of marketing would involve a key message or branding concept being driven out on a national basis but with each local store or branch being able to personalise it for their local area.

If you are looking to improve your local area marketing here are three tips that can help to drive engagement with your local audience.


1. Events

One of the best ways to generate interest and buzz around your business is through hosting special events in your area. Events provide a wonderful opportunity to meet your customers and prospects face to face and get to know them better. These events provide a great opportunity to showcase your business and promote yourself as a provider of great value and advice. A great recent example of this kind of marketing was recently done by Australian Hearing for their national hearing awareness week campaign. They are attempting to break the world record for the number of hearing tests conducted and are basing this event in Port Macquarie NSW with a whole range of fun family activities.


2. Partnerships

A very effective way of getting your local brand noticed is to partner up with other complimentary businesses or local community groups. There are lots of businesses that offer products and services that can work well together. Consider such examples as a mortgage broker partnering with a financial planning firm, a business coach partnering with a marketing specialist or accounting firm. You should also consider local sponsorships or partnership opportunities where there will be high number of your targeted demographic such as a restaurant offering samples at a local farmers market or fair.


3. Direct Mail Marketing

If you are prospecting and marketing your company effectively your prospect database should be growing. Use this information to learn more about your local customers preferences and market to them accordingly. It is extremely cost effective to provide version end brochures or variable offers with different calls to action for your prospects. Every person responds differently to marketing messages, email, print, social media and web should all be available options in reaching your clients how and when they like to be reached.


How often does your company market in its local area? What methods have you found to be especially effective? Let us know in the comments section we would love to get your feedback.

The Importance of Brand Building to a Company’s Strategy


There are few strategic assets that a company can utilise that will provide a competitive advantage that is long-lasting. Brands are one of them. Managers the world over understand that the best kind of loyalty that a company can obtain from their consumers is brand loyalty.

In today’s society, brands have extended beyond consumption items to include people and even towns. Look at people like Paris Hilton or the Kardashians for example. Everything that they do is aimed at reinforcing their image and identity, and therefore making sales and profits for their personal brand. The mayor of Paris decided to define the city as a destination brand years ago and to manage this brand for profit. And there are many other destinations around the world that do the same.

Brand building strategies are important to a company, as the execution of the strategy has a direct influence on product/service positioning, pricing and customer expectations. Brand strategy is extremely complex as it involves the management of everything that is associated with the brand including activities related to the brand’s equity, profitability, image and actual value in the market place


Steps to effective brand building

Building brand awareness, customer loyalty, conveying perceived quality and overseeing how the brand is used are all key aspects of brand management.

Step One: Quality

Quality is an important ingredient of a good brand. A company must understand the core benefits that the consumer expects, which should be delivered consistently. This builds consumer trust which leads to consumer loyalty to your brand.

Step Two: Integrated Marketing Communications

Great brands present a consistent image to their consumers. This means everything from their logo, advertising, employee uniforms, marketing collateral sends a consistent message to consumers. This includes every aspect of communicating, both verbally and non-verbally. If this does not happen then a clear image of the brand fails to materialise.

 Step Three: Reputation Management

The media, including social media platforms, have a significant impact on your company’s brand. You are not the only one who is talking about your brand. To build a strong and consistent brand in this multimedia environment means listening to conversations across multiple media sources and having systems in place for responding to these conversations. For example If people are complaining about your brand on Facebook, you need to deal with it immediately and respond.. If there is a real problem apologise for any errors and fix it. If it is a case of there being a perception of a problem then carefully and clearly explain the misunderstanding. Always be open and honest in your dealings.