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One of the most commonly cited strengths that continues to keep print as a strong part of many companies marketing is its ability to engage with the reader. One company that has enabled print to remain top of mind with audiences is Allkotes, one of BHB’s most innovative and hardworking suppliers who are expert in beautifying many printed pieces through the use of special effects, coatings & laminations. Let’s take a sneak peek into their world.

In addition to the most commonly used print finishes like celloglazing and UV varnishing the team at Allkotes have developed some awesome products that can enhance your print, we will take a look at four options in detail.

UltraKote is a rich clear glossy coating that really adds both lift and texture to your product .Using UltraKote adds prestige and feels great to touch. It is a handy alternative to embossing as it will not affect the other side of the printed sheet like an emboss can.

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Micromotion is a patented product that gives a lustrous and memorable look and feel to your printed product. When looking at a Micromotion piece just the slight change of angle will give the effect of movement. This product can be applied to any product from Annual reports, business cards, packaging, magazine covers. We have the design templates for Micromotion available from Allkotes so it is easy to drop into your next design job.

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TouchMatte is a unique product that offers a deep, velvet like feel to your print products. It is the perfect companion to your annual report, packaging, magazine cover or presentation pack. Your products will stand out and they have never felt so good…. dare we say even sexy with TouchMatte!









SoftMetal no, it is not the kind of music that your parents played on the car radio when trying to convince you they were still cool. Soft metal is a very cool metallic film that allows for digital or offset printing over the top. Your print will look brilliant in vibrant colours with a soft pearlescent feel to it. When it comes to cool this is the real deal.









For the full range of beautiful enhancements available through Allkotes you can download their free app for both IOS and Android devices.  You can also speak to Darren Delaney Allkotes’ Business Development Director who can help advise you on the best methods for your job. For more information on Allkotes you can call them on 02 9648 2022 or visit

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