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I Googled “What is Sustainability” this morning and got 115,000,000 Results.

It seems that everyone has an opinion and definition on what it means.

I will not even begin to try and refine the results as they are many and varied. Anyone can write something on paper or the internet in reality they are just words.

In my opinion actions speak louder than words, so I would rather give you an insight into what BHB is doing to work towards a sustainable future.

Firstly at BHB we realise that we cannot continue to treat this Planet with contempt. Sooner or later bad practices and use of resources will come back to bite us. It could be argued that with our current change in weather conditions that it already has.

Realising this, in 2011 we made our first steps and began our way towards Sustainable Green Print accreditation. This gave us the opportunity to have a good hard look at our practices and what we could do to improve. It was a great opportunity for all staff members to have some input and make a real difference to how we operated.

I am pleased to report that our Landfill waste has more than halved. We are using Chemicals and inks that are friendlier to the environment and our Energy Consumption has been reduced with smarter usage of air conditioning as well as using a Power Factor Correction Unit. Lights and computers are turned off when not required and our water heaters and drink vending machine work on timers.

Almost all of the papers we print on are either recycled or produced using timber sourced from Sustainable Forests. We plan our jobs so that there is minimal waste and print using vegetable based inks.

All of our Paper, Plastic and Metal Waste are recycled.

We are always looking for ways to improve and welcome any idea’s you might have to help us. So please feel free to drop us a line and share your thoughts.








Yours in Sustainability

Brett  Brett Keep

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