Fitted for Work

Earlier this year BHB Printing were invited by one of our long term customers, Moray & Agnew to donate a couple of prizes for a wonderful organisation they support – Fitted for Work.

Fitted for work

Fitted for Work’s vision is financial independence for women and their mission is to help women experiencing disadvantage to get work and keep it. Every day their trained staff and volunteers help women gain the self-esteem and confidence to secure their goal of sustainable employment. Their free services include mentoring, interview preparation, personal outfitting, work experience and a range of transition to work and staying employed programs.

Moray & Agnew organise a clothing drive (involving donations of work-appropriate clothing, shoes and accessories) for staff and clients in the lead up to, and during, their events. In addition, they seek to make a financial contribution to FFW from money raised from a silent auction conducted at their event.

BHB Printing were very happy to be able to help and hope all of the people involved with Fitted for Work are successful with their short and long term goals.

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Keep up the good work!