Getting to Know the Staff at BHB Printing – Liz Seidl

Liz - Final

1.      Family Status/ kids etc.

Married with one child


2.      What do you do at BHB and what do you like most about it?

Account Manager. The professional approach and ethical attitude BHB takes with its clients, staff and suppliers


3.      What do you like most about working in printing?

That you can take a simple piece of white paper and through a variety of printing and finishing processors you can turn that simple piece of paper into an award winning master piece. Full of colour and life


4.      What makes you laugh?  

A good practical joke


5.      Anything ticks you off?   

Pedestrians’ and Cyclist especially in the city who ignore the traffic signals. 


6.      What do you most like to do with your spare time when you are not at work?

4WD, camping, fishing cooking and just chillaxing


7.      Where is your favourite place to go or visit on holidays?

Any beach with soft white sand, crystal clear water and temperature to match.


8.      What advice would you give a younger Liz?

Travel more

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