Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing

From your local bakery shop through to the largest banks and multinationals there is huge benefits to be had in getting your brand noticed in your local area.

So what is local area marketing?

Local area marketing generally refers to any marketing techniques a business uses to promote itself in the geographic areas that it operates. In many cases the marketing responsibility will lie with head office or the franchise group. Some examples of this type of marketing would involve a key message or branding concept being driven out on a national basis but with each local store or branch being able to personalise it for their local area.

If you are looking to improve your local area marketing here are three tips that can help to drive engagement with your local audience.


1. Events

One of the best ways to generate interest and buzz around your business is through hosting special events in your area. Events provide a wonderful opportunity to meet your customers and prospects face to face and get to know them better. These events provide a great opportunity to showcase your business and promote yourself as a provider of great value and advice. A great recent example of this kind of marketing was recently done by Australian Hearing for their national hearing awareness week campaign. They are attempting to break the world record for the number of hearing tests conducted and are basing this event in Port Macquarie NSW with a whole range of fun family activities.


2. Partnerships

A very effective way of getting your local brand noticed is to partner up with other complimentary businesses or local community groups. There are lots of businesses that offer products and services that can work well together. Consider such examples as a mortgage broker partnering with a financial planning firm, a business coach partnering with a marketing specialist or accounting firm. You should also consider local sponsorships or partnership opportunities where there will be high number of your targeted demographic such as a restaurant offering samples at a local farmers market or fair.


3. Direct Mail Marketing

If you are prospecting and marketing your company effectively your prospect database should be growing. Use this information to learn more about your local customers preferences and market to them accordingly. It is extremely cost effective to provide version end brochures or variable offers with different calls to action for your prospects. Every person responds differently to marketing messages, email, print, social media and web should all be available options in reaching your clients how and when they like to be reached.


How often does your company market in its local area? What methods have you found to be especially effective? Let us know in the comments section we would love to get your feedback.