Post- Engagement, Cut Through… whatever you call it, Print works!

Post Engagement

One of the things I love the most about working in print is that we provide a product that the customer values. Print is a tangible and beautiful product that I know works.

During the Christmas break I had some time to read a report “The Value of Print and Paper “Industry Report 2014. This report has been put together by Two Sides Australia. It provides some detailed statistics on prints effectiveness and a number of great case studies on how print drives engagement better than all other types of media.

One case study contained within the report particularly got my attention. It is about an Australian Flooring company Kenbrock. Kenbrock CEO Trevor Morris was interviewed about his company’s sales and marketing efforts from print through to web sites and also point of sale.

Morris is quoted as saying “they come to the stores to touch and feel the products. When they leave with one of our detailed printed brochures they feel they are taking the whole experience home with them”.

Morris goes further in the case study to quantify the business benefits of investing in print collateral for his business saying

“A quality brochure is essential to maintaining sales and margins. Retailers are less likely to support a range without vital marketing tools of which our brochures are at the forefront. Without this, only an unrealistically low price would keep them on side. Without giving away any proprietary information, our sales would be 40 to 50% lower with out brochures. Additionally our GP margin would be substantially reduced. This is why we invest in quality print material.

When companies such as Kenbrock want to leave a lasting memory in the minds of their customers and prospects print is by far the strongest performer. People remember what they feel and see more than what they just hear. Print provides a tactile and beautiful platform for business to develop an emotional connection with a product and help to deliver increased sales and profits.

To read the case study in full visit

You can also visit the Kenbrock Flooring web site at


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