The Importance of Print Media

importance of Print Media


There has been a lot of contention since the advent of social media and the technological boom which has heralded the online presence age, as to whether a company should market via an online campaign strategy or to utilise print marketing as its core exposure.

Both are as important as the other and there should be a combination of both in any successful promotional strategy.  Being a printing company, we at BHB Printing know just how powerful print is as a communications medium. Direct mail and print campaigns can do powerful things for a company’s brand.  Integrating your social media and print campaigns means that you can interact with your audiences in a whole new way.

Print media can augment reality with its ability to interact with digital media in such a way that connects users using a tactile response. A QR code, for example, allows users to hold a printed marketing document in their hands while also exploring the marketing collateral more in-depth using digital technology. By printing a scannable code on the marketing material, you can offer prospects and customers a dynamic (and trackable) content upgrade to the printed material. QR codes allow you to provide a direct link to your company’s product, but you have to generate interest for them to be effective.

Print today is more versatile than ever before. Print pieces can also be more personalised these days with variable data printing. This allows a marketer to customise and personalise brand messaging by criteria deemed relevant to the marketing message (For example brand purchase history, gender etc.).

AT BHB Printing we offer various print products to help build your brand such as:

  • Printed Business Stationery: such as business cards, letterheads, with compliment slip and printed envelopes.
  • Printed Forms: such as plain and carbonless forms. Laser safe forms and billing statements, continuous forms and pads.
  • Marketing and Promotional Print: such as posters, brochures, leaflets, newsletters and postcards. Posters are produced in sizes A4 up to A1 and A0 size.
  • Wide format and Point of Sale: products such as displays, signs and banners. Counter cards and strutted and mounted printed displays.
  • Die Cut Products: products such as presentation folders, boxes, file covers, gift and loyalty card carriers, self-mailers and impact mailers.
  • Booklets: such as saddle stitched and perfect/burst bound documents of multiple pages such as information and product manuals, marketing materials and PDS Documents.
  • Labels: supplied on either rolls or flat sheets.
  • Digital Print: on demand for short run and personalised printing.
  • Specialist Numbering: for sets, pads and forms. Digital numbering such as sequential bar code numbering.
  • Specialty Finishes: such as matt and gloss celloglazing, foiling, UV varnishes and coatings.

BHB Printing Pty Ltd also offers a complete range of print services to complement our range of products:

  •  Creative Design and Typesetting: including layout, proof reading and editing of documents.
  • Kitting and Fulfilment Services: BHB has the capability to efficiently process the collating, insertion, packing and national distribution of our client’s print campaigns right across Australia and also overseas.
  • Warehousing and Distribution Services: services include pick and pack of warehoused items, storage and distribution, supported by detailed inventory management reporting.
  • Mailing and Direct Mail Pieces: we provide a range of data driven services for mailings, personalisation and lodgement with Australia Post.
  • BHB Connect: BHB Connect is our own fully customised online catalogue and ordering solution. Our system allows 24 hour 7 days a week access to all print and warehouse items via your own secure password protected web store front.


Feel free to call us on 02 4722 9111 to discuss your printing needs.