Why Your Designers Head Should Be In The Clouds!

 Adobe Cloud


Ok, so the title is a little inflammatory but we wanted to share how the design & marketing services landscape is rapidly changing designers’ roles and the reasons why our recent move to Adobe Creative Cloud was a no brainer for BHB and our clients.

Today our customers are increasingly looking for partners that can collaborate across their multiple stakeholders in a fast efficient and transparent way. Keeping up to date or at least not too far behind is essential to maintaining strong client relationships in graphic design and print communications.

Here are just a few reasons why the decision to invest in Adobe Creative Cloud for our design team was a no-brainer.

  •  In our rapidly-changing environment, designers are being asked to design for print media and beyond: ePUB, apps, Web sites, interactive PDFs, are only a few. For this, we need a larger toolset.  Subscription to Creative Cloud gives BHB and our clients access to the largest toolset available.


  •  Never before in graphic design/print has our software tools needed to be able to keep up with the increasing speed of market changes. BHB’s subscription to Creative Cloud gives Adobe the ability to add new features and capabilities to our software on an as-needed basis…no longer do we need to wait 12, 18, 24 months for software updates.


  • File hosting. Each Creative Cloud subscription includes 20gb of cloud-based file storage. This allows BHB to easily sync files with  the Adobe Creative Cloud via a desktop client, much like Hightail. These features make the Creative Cloud storage an effective way to collaborate on artwork with coworkers and clients.


Creative Cloud myths debunked

Since Adobe launched Creative Cloud there has been much discussion on how it works and what it includes, and inevitably some incorrect assumptions are made. Here are the top five myths.

1. The software runs in the browser –Not True

When people hear ‘cloud’ they get visions of running applications in a web browser. While that may be the case with other cloud offerings, it’s not the case with Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud members download and install their Apps as Adobe customers always have.

2. You have to be constantly online –Not True
Once we get past the fact that you download the apps and install them on your hard drive, there is no need to be connected to the internet to run the application. The applications not only install onto the hard drive, they also run offline.

However, the computer does have to connect to the internet once a month to verify that your membership is still current.  Once that check has happened you can disconnect. You will need to be online when you install and license your software. If you have an annual membership, you’ll be asked to connect to the web to validate your software licenses every 30 days. But, you’ll be able to use products for 99 days even if you’re offline.

3. Clients/colleagues have to be members – Not True

With your Creative Cloud membership you get 20GB of cloud storage. You can use this storage to sync files between your devices. (ipad, etc) If you place files in your Creative Cloud folder on your hard drive those files will not only be accessible when you’re offline, but you can also log into www.creative.adobe.com and share them.

Once you decide to share a file you can email a link to your colleagues or clients and they will be able to view your file in their web browser even if they’ve never heard of Creative Cloud or the Adobe applications you used to create them. They don’t have to create an account or register for anything.

4.  If you have a Mac and PC, you’ll have to join Creative
Cloud twice – Not True

With Creative Cloud you’re allowed to install the software on up to two of your computers. Just like you are able to do with the Creative Suite applications. However, unlike Creative Suite, Creative Cloud allows you to download and install either the Mac or Windows versions for each computer. This is great for people that have say a Windows PC at work, but a Mac at home.

5.  You have to pay monthly – Not True

You can buy a year of Creative Cloud at once.


We hope that this information helps you debunk a few of the myths around Creative Cloud.


Kind Regards,

Gareth Gareth

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